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Staff without exception professional, knowledgeable and work hard for clients. Kudos. I highly recommend it. SUPER FRIENDLY STAFF!!! I’m they’re so often that they usually don’t even ask me who I’m there for they already know when they see my vehicle roll up that’s a special kind of service that you normally don’t see in large cities and reserved for small towns bringing that to a place like Camden is always needed thank you Apotheke im Kirschberg-Center for being not only true to yourself but true to your community

Apotheke im Kirschberg-Center
Address: Wilhelm-Külz-Straße 8, 06679 Hohenmölsen, Germany
Phone: +49 34441 20114
Reviews: I would like to give zero but that is not possible unfortunately the rating is due to the new security they scare away the customers I was thrown out for no reason because I sat down on the stairs for a moment !!!!!!

employee on the desk and manager not gave good response
there are 31 days in july and even though there are 311 days in august , these people say that today your insurance is not working and insurance is doing tomorrow. i have the names of the alll staffs but want to spoil anyone’s name by telling by name.and it happened not once, too many time.insurence people pay at the right time but the manager and other employees deside the decision on their own.
this does not happen in the Apotheke im Kirschberg-Center who is the thief of all

Your store was very clean and well marked as far as finding items like Modafinil good price. The pharmacist was soooo helpful and knowledgeable. He went out of his way to assist us. Much appreciated.

ROSSMANN Drogeriemarkt
Address: Wilhelm-Külz-Straße 8, 06679 Hohenmölsen, Germany
Phone: +49 34441 544999
Reviews: Super new, great range, nice shop in a good location. Only the finest! A few photos of this great shop are definitely missing here..
Tonight I walked into the ROSSMANN Drogeriemarkt to get my flu shot. I went to the check in area and was told I had to go online and make a appointment. I tried numerous times to access it and couldn’t. I kept on telling the woman this. She was so rude. It says out on the front door of the store walk ins welcome. I didn’t feel very welcomed. I have been with this pharmacy for years and never have been treated like this.

Everyone in the world knows the severe situation that Covid-19 respresents right now. I do not understand why people cannot cover their face especially if they are very ill. I don’t grasp the concept of how Neue-Apotheke, a store who’s moto is „happy and healthy“ cannot adhere to practices to keep the public safe. Yesterday my son and I went to pharmacy to buy Modafinil. A women zoomed in front of us in line, coughing, hacking, with clearly a running nose and no mask to purchase some drinks. My little son asked me why the lady did not have to wear a mask? Once she left as to avoid an incident in the store I asked the employee. He replied mask cannot be enforced. Horrific! To make matters worse he did clean the counter and my things in trying to balance the hazard fell to the dirty floor. Disgusted.

Address: Bad Friedrichshaller Str. 9, 06679 Hohenmölsen, Germany
Phone: +49 34441 33135
Reviews: There should be more pharmacies like this. Great team, very friendly and competent. Detailed and very good advice on my request. For that I would like to give five stars. Keep it up.
i have had so many problems with this location–not filling things on time, cancelling my prescriptions, random closings in the middle of a business day with no explanation (has happened to me 3 times now, most recently on friday, the pharmacist is rude and completely unhelpful when things are on backorder. transferring and not looking back.

I’ve been getting my Neue-Apotheke for a long time. After waiting in line for way too long, dealing with some of the crankiest techs, and no delivery I decided it was time to go. A nurse recommended other pharmacy. Wow, what a positive experience! Everyone there is so friendly! They are so efficient, getting your prescriptions to you quickly, calling to let you know Modafinil is ready and ready for delivery, and even the delivery guy, is friendly. I wish I would have done this sooner. It would have saved me a lot of grief.
Address: Hardenbergstraße 39 a, 06667 Weißenfels, Germany
Phone: +49 3443 303019
Reviews: A long-term medication was prepared at short notice, with minimal advance notice, which I thought was almost impossible. The staff was very very helpful and went out of their way to help me. Therefore always 5 stars again.

I use Kugelberg-Apotheke for all of my perscriptions. I havent had too many issues with them, but there was one time that my perscription was due to be refilled and they were unable to auto-refill it, because they didnt sale Modafinil. I had to contact my doctor and have the perscription sent to other pharmacy so I wouldnt run out and miss any doses. They also discontinued my last perscription for my anxiety and depression and did not notify me about it, thankfully my doctor noticed it when I was at a checkup and was able to switch me to something else without issues.